Happy (late) New Year!

Apparently before 2015 ended, 2015bestnine was a thing. Well, it's a good way to reflect on what has happened throughout the year. Especially when people are so in love with instagram these days.

Personally, this year (read: last year) has been a rapid roller coaster ride that shifts, whirls, turns, and rolled up to a memorable journey. A lot has happened this year.

Confessing my faith. Turning 17 (becoming adults in Indonesia). Entering my last year in school. Watching concerts. Having my last trip as a high school girl with my friends. Playing angklung with tons of people. and many many more.

Ups and downs has been coloring the year, in the end I was still never sure how things will turns out. However, I learn that God has never leave me and He's always been there with me in the ride, and He will continue to be. I also reminded about the power prayer :)

Now, 2016 is calling and suddenly we are all caught up in a brand new roller coaster together. We never knew how it will turns out in the end but we know God is here with us.
Happy New Year!
2015 theme song: through all of it*
*my resolution: update this blog more often!
*a great article to kick off the year


Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :)

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