Angklung for the World

I always wonder how it feels like to be a part of a history. Well, it feels good and somehow make me feel proud hehehe. How did I know this? On 23rd April 2015, in Stadion Siliwiangi, I along with the other 19.999 people became a part of history. We wrote a new record which is the most played angklung in the world!! Though the guinness world record hasn't confirmed it yet and only the MURI (Indonesian Record) has confirmed it, but still it is something :)

the panoramic view of the venue
If you don't know what is angklung, angklung is a wooden musical instrument which is played simply by shaking it. You can watch the full explanation here
So I was there with 3 of my friends and a group of rotarians, but one of my friends was separated while we were going into the venue. The event started at around 10 AM and ended at 12 AM. Each of the participants was given a shirt, snack and beverages, and of course the angklung. The outfit theme was white.

A glimpse of my outfit
As we have to wait, for all of the 20,000 people got in, we took a lot of selfies
just 3 - 1 misisng

when still about 2,000 people gathered
20,000 already
In the event, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, Bandung's mayor along with West Java governor (Mr. Ahmad Heryawan) and the minister of tourism (Mr. Arif Yahya) also present and gave speeches.

It was super super hot and crowded, and in fact some people passed out. But most of us strived till the end :) The mayor also gave us some spirit and spoke some jokes about those who are single (a.k.a jomblo in Indonesia)

Finally, the record breaking moment came, we played the angklung according to the signs that was shown by the next generation of angklung leaders. Each angklung has its own signs, which can be seen on the angklung and on the screen provided there.

the younger generation-the sign was based on major island in Indonesia

people are playing the angklung
Yayy we broke the record!!
credits to: @relawanKAA

At last, we broke the Indonesia world record, and all of us gets out of the Siliwingangi stadium.

On our way out we took a picture with miss green, miss pariwisata, and miss tourism of Indonesia
After all, from this event we can see how people actually love Indonesia so much, and how they want to participate in the little part history and spread the sound of anklung to the world (collecting 20,000 people is not that easy thou).For the people who were not there, they could watch it on live TV, and they said that they have goosebumps all over them. Frankly, I do too. This just made me love my country even more, and of course I'm proud of Indonesia and being an Indonesian. 
But let us not forget the purpose of the event, which is to spread the angklung sound to the world!! Yes, let's do that!


Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :)

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