stop, think, and ask Him

Yesterday, I accompanied my mom to the pharmacy. At that time, we were waiting for the medicine and I was holding my mom's tablet (smartphone tablet). I was reading a book while waiting so basically I put the tablet on the chair next to me. Then, the pharmacy's staff called. I stood up and took the medicine, gave it to my mom, we left the pharmacy and drove home. About 5 minutes later, this conversation happened:


Me: "Where is the tablet?"
Mom: (shocked) "What? It was on the chair!"

*Then my mom drove back to the pharmacy*

Mom: (shocked and started to panic)
Me: (trying to find the pharmacy number) "Calm down, where is the receipt mom?"
Mom: "Just look in the medicine's plastic!"
Me: (found the number and called it)


Me: "Hello with xxx pharmacy?"
Staff: "Oh, want to talk with the pharmacy?"
Me: "yes"
Staff: "please wait"


Me: (connected with the pharmacy) "Hello, with xxx pharmacy?"
Pharmacy: "Yes"
Me: (explain everything and asked the pharmacy staff to check on the tablet on the chair)
Pharmacy: (from what she said, it seems like is there)
Me: (still explaining with my mom voice explaining also panicking)
Pharmacy: (confirmed that the tablet is there and they will keep it)
Me: (thanked them)


After that my mom started to calm down....
The next thing is that we arrived, I took the tablet, and we drove home again with a long long long silence. By this, I don't know what to say and neither my mom. But she forgave me though maybe she will be firmer, especially on remembering me when holding or taking care of something #oopps :)))

From this incident, all that I can say is that God is good and He wants me to always rely on Him on ups and downs on high and low. Especially, these days somewhat I'm getting more far from Him :( Well, I think that before this incident God has been trying to remind me, but I didn't get it. 

Well, maybe I just need to stop, think, and pray to see what He wants

Theodore Great

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :)

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