Lost in Java #1

It was 6 o'clock in the evening, and all the 11th graders gather around Padjajaran Street, Bandung to start the trip to Java, which leads to unforgettable memories. There are around 300 students (divided into 8 buses) who joined this trip. In Indonesia, this trip is called widiawisatain this trip we basically tour to places, and get lost in the process. It was such a great experience, unless for the homeworks given in the trip #duhhhh

So here we go, the first stop is Mount Bromo! It is the most famous mountain destination in Java, especially for the sunrise :) But sadly, it took more that 24 hours to get there from Bandung. We went from Bandung at 18.00 on Friday, and we arrived at Pasar Paserepan (the start point to Bromo) at 01.00 on Sunday. It should take so much shorter time than that, but we have our breakfast, lunch, dinner on the way, which taken way too much time.

Well, you know we basically do everything on the way, talking, browsing, playing cards, singing, humming, dancing, praying, sleeping, and we never forget to take a selfie heheehhee

And we finally arrived, at Pasar Paserepan (not yet at Bromo), then we have to took an elf for an hour to get to the base of Bromo, and to get to the sunrise place (Mount Pananjakan) we have to take a jeep for maybe around 15 minutes. So in total we arrived at the sunrise place at 04.00. And yes the sun finally rises :))

in the background: people who were waiting for the sunrise
We did not stop after seeing the sun rise, we went to the other tourism spots in Bromo. But we are only able to visit one of those. I'll be back for the others one day...

the kind of jeep we used

With those beautiful views, we can't resist not to take photos, especially the candid photos hehhehe

this is one is my favourite :p

That's a wrap, and it's the first day of our attemp to get lost in Java ;)

Theodore Great

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :)

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